Android 13 Beta 3 is now official

Google has begun rolling out Android 13 Beta 3 to devices participating in its Beta program. While it is true, the new Beta does not bring big changes, but yes, the search engine is very close to getting the final version of Android 13 that will reach our devices at the end of the year.

Android 13 Beta 3 brings major changes to the developer platform, therefore, Google recommends developers to perform the latest compatibility tests of their apps on Android 13 before its release.

What's new in Android 13 Beta 3

As we mentioned earlier, the new Android 13 Beta does not come with great novelties like the ones we have seen in Android 13 Beta 1, 2or 2.1, however, there are some changes that are worth mentioning:

  • The first novelty is aimed at the notifications that come to us from the applications, Google has improved the way in which the operating system sends these notifications from a specific application.
  • Android 13 Beta 3 now brings preview on the clipboard, this will allow us to have a small view of what we have in that section, however, the information related to passwords or bank details will be hidden.
  • Google also sets limitations, as there will be changes to the way nearby Wi-Fi networks scan.
  • We also have new changes in the permissions requested by the installed applications, now, these applications will have to be very specific about what permissions they request on the devices.
  • Android 13 also brings a feature related to body sensors called while in use.
  • Important improvements are coming to the notification bar.
  • The multi-window function also arrives.

The new Beta is now available on devices participating in the Android 13 Beta program, the final version will be available at the end of summer.

These are the main novelties of Android 13 Beta 3, for more information you can visit the official google publication on the Android blog.